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    Course Overview

    Selenium + Manual Testing

    Manual Testing

    Manual Testing course will cover software testing concepts, SDLC, STLC, Agile Testing, Effective Testing methods, QA Process , TestCase writing, TestCase Execution, Defect Reporting , Defect Management and Test Management tools like ALM/Quality Center.

    Course Objectives

    After the completion of the Manual Testing course, you will be able to:

    • Understand fundamental concepts in software testing, including software testing objectives, processes, test strategies and testing techniques.
    • Understand the software testing processes and manual testing processes like Unit testing, Integration testing, system testing, re-testing, regression testing and system integration testing and UAT etc.,
    • Learn to plan a testing projects, design test cases and data, conduct testing operations, manage defects and generate test report.
    • Learn to conduct UI Testing, Usability Testing, Load Testing, Performance Testing, Security Testing and Compatibility Testing etc.,
    • Learn Defect Reporting process and Defect management process.
    • Learn implementing Testing Process using tools like ALM(Quality Center) and JIRA.


    Selenium is used for automating Web Application Testing. Selenium is open source tool, hence many companies preferring Selenium to cut down project maintenance cost which increased demand for Selenium Testers.

    In this course you will experience to work with Modularity Framework, Data Driven Framework, Keyword Driven Framework and Hybrid Framework. Selenium IDE, Selenium WebDriver, TestNG, MAVEN, Jenkins is covered during the course. You will learn to perform tests on multiple machines simultaneously running on different Operating Systems and Cross Browser Testing with Selenium.

    Course Objectives

    After the completion of ‘Testing with Selenium WebDriver’ Course, you should be able to

    • Understand Selenium Architecture and its components
    • Record and importing tests with Selenium IDE
    • Identifying elements using Locatorse.g by link, by text, by id, by css, by xpath
    • Understand Selenium WebDriver
    • Automating
    • Textbox,DropdownList,Link,Checkbox,RadioButtons,Tables,Calender
    • Keyboard and mouse operations
    • Handling Alerts and Multiple windows
    • Validate page content using Selenium WebDriver API
    • Write Test cases using Testing
    • Creating Reusable automation Tests
    • Generating Customized Test Results
    • Use WebDriver advanced features e.g. taking screenshots, handling cookies and managing
    • Create Data driven, Keyword driven and Hybrid test frameworks
    • Perform Cross browser testing with Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari and Opera
    • Scheduling Tests with Jenkins

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    Language          : English
    Lectures            : 04
    Certification     : Yes
    Project              : 01
    Duration           : 30 hrs + 40 hrs
    Max-Students : 20

    Course Content (Manual Testing)

    • Introduction to Software Testing
    • Objectives of Testing
    • Software Development Process
    • Project vs. Product
      Error / Fault / Failure
    • Why Software has defects?
    • Most common defects
    • Cost of fixing defects
    • Testing then … and Testing now…
    • What is Verification & Validation
    • Difference between QA & QC
    • Role of a Teste
    • Early Testing
    • Exhaustive Testing Impossible
    • Defect Clustering
    • Pesticide Paradox
    • Testing is Context Dependant
    • Testing Should Show Presence of Defects
    • Absence of Error is a Fallacy
    • SDLC Phases
    • SDLC Models
    • Waterfall Model o V
    • Mode
    • o Agile Model
    • Static Testing
    • White Box Testing
    • Black Box Testing
    • Gray Box Testing
    • Reviews
    • Types of Reviews
    • Inspections & Audits
    • Walkthroughs
    • Unit Testing
    • Integration Testing
    • System Testing
    • User Acceptance
    • Testing(UAT) o Alpha
    • Testing
    • o Beta Testing
    • Smoke / Sanity Testing
    • Formal Testing
    • Priority Based/Risk Based Testing
    • Ad-hoc Testing
    • Re-Testing and
    • Regression Testing
    • End-to-End Testing
    • Exploratory Testing
    • Benchmark Testing
    • Monkey Testing
    • UI Testing
    • Usability Testing
    • Security Testing
    • Performance Testing
    • Load Testing
    • Stress Testing
    • Compatibility Testing
    • Installation Testing
    • Globalization Testing
    • Localization Testing
    • Recovery Testing
    • Test Planning
    • Test Strategy
    • Test Plan
    • Test Analysis
    • Analyzing Functional Requirements
    • Preparing Requirement Clarification
    • Test Preparation
    • Identifying & documenting Test Scenarios
    • Test Case Design Techniques
    • BVA
    • Decision Table Testing
    • State Transition Testing
    • Use case Testing
    • Preparing Test Cases
    • Preparing Test Data
    • Preparing RTM
    • Test Execution
    • Build Release Process
    • Executing Testcases
    • Defect / Bug Life Cycle
    • Defect Management
    • What is defect?
    • Defect Classification
    • Defect Severity & Defect Priority
    • Defect Report Template
    • Defect Reporting &Defect Tracking
    • Test Closure
    • Criteria for Test Closure o Status Reports (Daily and Weekly)
    • Test Summary Reports
    • Agile Testing
    • Overview of DataBase Testing
    • Creating Domain
    • Creating Project
    • Creating Users
    • Mapping User to QC Project

    Defining Test Requirements

    Writing TestCases in QC

    Mapping TestCases to Requirements

    Exporting TestCases from Excel to QC

    Create Test Sets

    Executing TestCases

    Defect Reporting & Defect Tracking

    Analyzing Reports & Graphs

    Course Content (Selenium Testing)

    • Java Programming Basics
    • Object Oriented Programming
    • Automating Excel file Operations
    • Automating Text File Operations
    • Introduction to Selenium and its Components
    • Selenium IDE
    • WebDriver Introduction
    • Launching AUT and Inspecting properties of Elements
    • Automating Operations on various Elements
    • Automating Keyboard and Mouse Events
    • Handling multiple Windows
    • Handling Alerts
    • Handling Frames
    • Creating Customize XPath/CSS Selectors
    • Synchronization
    • What is TestNG?
    • Automation Test Frameworks
    • Page Object Model (POM) & Page Factory in Selenium
    • MAVEN
    Sample projects / live project testing


    • Rajendra


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      Language          : English
      Lectures            : 04
      Certification     : Yes
      Project              : 01
      Duration           : 30hrs +40 hrs
      Max-Students : 20


      • Rajendra


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