Course Overview

    Selenium Python bindings provide a convenient API to access Selenium Web Driver like Firefox, Chrome, etc. Selenium WebDriver is an automation testing tool. It means it automates test scripts written in Selenium.

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    Language          : English
    Lectures            : 01
    Certification     : Yes
    Project              : 01
    Duration           : 30 hrs
    Max-Students : 20
    • Introduction to course & Selenium Features
    • Why Selenium with Python
    • Selenium Features Notes.
    • Migrating to Webdriver latest Version
    • Selenium 2.0 Webdriver Architecture
    • Selenium Architecture Explanation Notes
    • How to Install Python in your Machine?
    • What is PIP Client? -How to download Python Packages
    • Python, Selenium Installation Guide Download
    • Installing Selenium Python from PIP Client
    • Eclipse Tool Prerequistes -What you have to know to avoid Errors
    • Eclipse Installation-Editor for writing Selenium Scripts
    • Creating Python-Selenium Project
    • Types of Variables and their declaration
    • if else condition usage and examples
    • Variables declaration & if else condition code download
    • For loop Usage in Python
    • While loop syntax and examples
    • Loops code download
    • Strings and its practical usage
    • List datatypes in Python
    • Strings, List code download
    • How to invoke Firefox Browser with Selenium? How to invoke Firefox Browser with Selenium?
    • Basic Methods of Webdriver Part -1
    • Basic Methods of Webdriver Part -2
    • Browser Navigations with Selenium- Part -3
    • Code Download
    • How to run Tests in Google Chrome?
    • How to run Tests in InternetExplorer?
    • Chrome and IE driver program code download
    • How to identify Web objects with Selenium Python?
    • Installing Firebug -Firefox Addon for identifying Web objects
    • Understanding Webdriver API -1 Name, SendKeys
    • Understanding Webdriver API -2 ID, Click, Clear
    • Understanding Webdriver API-3. Clicking on Links
    • object identification code download
    • Understanding Webdriver API-4. Xpath Locator
    • Xpath, CSS Locator code download
    • How to write customized Xpath to find objects
    • Identifying objects with CSS Selectors
    • object Identification Notes download
    • Exercise – 1 -Automating the Gmail Site
    • Exercise 1.1 Implementing the methods learned
    • Exercise -1.2 Program Continuation
    • Handling Dynamic dropdowns of Web with Selenium
    • Handling Static Dropdown options with Selenium API
    • Exercise on Webdriver Select API
    • Handling Radiobuttons checkboxes with Selenium API
    • Program code download
    • Exercise on Handling Web controllers
    • Handling Java Popups with Selenium
    • Exercise on Alert API to handle up Popups
    • Alerts Code download
    • How to handle Dynamic objects with Selenium?
    • Smart Identification using Regular expressions with Xpath and CSS
    • Program code download
    • Importance of Tagname locator in getting Links of the page
    • Smart Testing -Restricting the scope of Webdriver object
    • Exercise on finding sub section elements in page
    • Program code download
    • How to handle Child Windows for Automation
    • Usage of Window Handle API in selenium
    • Child window handling code download
    • Techniques to Handle Ajax Elements in Web pages
    • Webdriver Actions API to handle Mouse moments
    • Actions API Code download
    • Handling Frames in Webpage with Selenium
    • Frames Techniques- Real Time example
    • Frames Program code download
    • How to Handle Cookies with Selenium
    • Taking Screenshots with Selenium API
    • Handling Synchronization problem-Implicit Wait
    • Handling Synchronization problem-Explicit Wait
    • Program code download



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      Language          : English
      Lectures            : 01
      Certification     : Yes
      Project              : 01
      Duration           : 30 hrs
      Max-Students : 20
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